Dragon Patch TV Halloween Countdown 2014–Pooky Reviews Ghostbusters Krispy Kreme Donut Holes


Pooky is always enthusiastic, so I let her review the Ghostbusters-themed doughnut holes from Krispy Kreme!

For the uninitiated, Krispy Kreme is a Southern US institution, and I am so glad that the rest of the country was able to get a taste in the 1990’s. Eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut, no matter how unhealthy the ingredients, no matter how your waistline will pay for it later, is one of those experiences that’s like seeing your favorite ballplayer hit a home run, watching your favorite band in concert, or someone complimenting your artwork or handmade costume with the utmost sincerity–it’s just one of those things that makes you feel great to be alive and part of the human race and glad we have the technology to bake and frost.:)