Random Art

Jellybean and a Shrunken Head.

Jellybean and shrunken head.jpg
I try hard to keep a journal; I feel it is very important, and apparently others do too.
Last night¬†before I scribbled down the day’s events(and drew the above picture), I was reading up on several of my favorite subjects on the internet, and one of those happened to be shrunken heads–specifically, the process of making them. So I was happily reading away, with Jellybean sitting next to me on the sofa, when Steve walked by. I said up to Steve, as if Jellybean were speaking (using teeny kitty voice) “Daddy! Mommy’s reading about icky things!”
To which Steve replied, “What else is new, Jellybean?” ūüėÄ


The Thing, TMI.

thing dog.jpg


I only had two jobs today(I entertain and do art therapy classes at assisted living homes) but I am more tired than I have been in weeks. Vegging out on the sofa and looking at way too many behind-the-scenes videos of John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. And scribbling assimilated dogs. It’s tough, because I love dogs, and even though I know in reality no doggies were harmed, in my imagination I can see the agony that the movie dogs went through quite clearly.

Monster Monday: Sticker Monsters!

During all the Hallowe’en hubbub at Target, the store had all kinds of fun things in their “dollar” section.One of these items was a monster sticker activity book. Inside the book were a monster, pumpkin, and skull, with blank faces, and then there was a boatload of stickers to create faces for them. After making all my Hallowe’en denizens with the proper stickers that you knew went with each face, I had lots of stickers left over.


The Blue Peeved Pugnose Monster is my “properly” put-together face.

But then I started sticking the leftover face parts in my Hallowe’en book, and then drawing a monster around them, and then giving them funny names!

Take a look:


Random Art: Bruce!

Bruce,© 2015 Liz Vitale

Bruce,© 2015 Liz Vitale

We saw Jaws on the big screen last night, and it was an awesome experience. Since it was a classic movie, everyone was cheering and clapping when certain stars came onscreen(mainly Robert Shaw). There was much whooping it up over the best¬†lines. And it was great being able to scream and jump in all the right places!! (Ben Gardner’s dead head got the best scream!)

It was also fun seeing it with Cuz’n Ashley, who had never seen it before. What a thrill, introducing someone to this treasure of cinema!!

We saw it at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.