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Snackerdoodles: Little Blue Steve Guy Marching in Parade at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends!

Little Blue Steve Guy Marching in Parade at Disney's Star Wars Weekends, © 2015 Liz Vitale

Little Blue Steve Guy Marching in Parade at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends, © 2015 Liz Vitale

This was one reason Uncle Steve is at Disney right now–he is marching in the parades with both the Rebel Legion and 501st at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends. Pics coming soon!

Happy Star Wars Day!


May the Fourth be With You.

Actually, I have been a part of the 501st for a few years, I’m working on joining the Rebel Legion and I have many friends from both. I’m not quite as passionate about costuming as my friends are, so I am pretty low key about it. I also have a ton of responsibilities now that often interfere with participating in events these days. But Uncle Steve is very active in both the organizations and attends many charity and educational and just plain fun events.

SW4thI’m the Tie Pilot over to the left, but  have since sold this costume to my good friend Karyn (first person on left in photo). I think Uncle Steve is one of the Biker Scouts on the floor.

Egg Leader, Standing By! Happy Easter!

Aunt Liz And Uncle Steve wish you a very lovely Easter, Passover or whatever else you might be celebrating this holiday weekend.
We do Easter here, and both being artists and candy freaks, I am sad to say we probably enjoy the commercialism too much (Cadbury Creme Eggs rock). But I also love to make things for gifts, and this was a perfect opportunity to give good ol’ Uncle Steve something that would make him smile and hopefully laugh. I accomplished both.

Using some plastic “craft eggs” that showed up at Target ONLY ONCE (either someone bought them all and they never restocked, or they only put on case on the shelf, I bought it, and they never restocked),I made this little X-Wing Pilot. This pilot is one of Steve’s costumes he wears in The Rebel Legion and my personal favorite of his Star Wars costumes.
Rebel Egg 2015 3


Random Art: Ice Stations.

Bleah Tauntaun 2_1_15_0001

Here in the metro Atlanta area, an ice storm, or even just half an inch of ice on the road, can paralyze the entire northern half of the state. Northerners laugh, but seriously, our state didn’t have the infrastructure and equipment to deal with this crap, or the sense of time management for it either.


Salute Sunday: Happy Birthday to Joanne!

I salute my dear friend and confidante,Joanne A., today on her birthday, with this sentiment(she is a fellow Star Wars nerd and one heck of a costume creator):

Salute Sunday JOANNE Essence of Tauntaun 2_1_15

For your birthday, I picked you up a bottle of Essence de’ Tauntaun.
And you thought they smelled bad on the outside!!

Snackerdoodles: Teeny Wookie.


Chewbacca had a very small cousin, Chewbitty. An amiable little guy, he knew he was too small to fly on big missions(he couldn’t reach the control panels) so he was content to help fix up the Millennium Falcon whenever it returned to Docking Bay 94. He was very good at crawling under the control panels(actually he could just walk under) and loosen a bolt here, splice a wire there. Everyone has their niche!