Throwback Thursday

Thunder Lizard Thursday: Fernbank Science Center!

Not long ago, Uncle Steve and I traveled to the Fernbank Science Center (not to be confused with Fernbank Museum of Natural History, which is just down the road) in Atlanta. I was especially insistent to go since I haven’t been since I was in grade school and our classes would often take field trips there. They have a wonderful planetarium, and some really cool space rocks of all shapes and sizes, but the draw, for me, of course, was always the dinosaurs.
It’s a dinky museum, and old, but it packs a punch where it counts.:)


This cast of a Tyrannosaurus skull is pretty much the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. Years of fondling by schoolkids has smoothed over some of its surfaces.


Throwback Thunder Lizard Thursday: Fernbank Museum!


This post combines both Throwback Thursday and Thunder Lizard Thursday! I took myself to the Fernbank Museum today, which is what I often do when I’m by myself over a weekend. I haven’t had a chance to find or take a photo with my beloved Stegosaurus sculpture, so I thought I would seek it out and give it a try. I first took a picture of it while visiting the museum with my pal Nick back in the 90’s.
I was much younger and fitter then. * sigh*


Throwback Thursday: “Family”!


I absolutely cannot stop laughing at this drawing. I was probably about 7–10 years old, because my hair is super-long and our youngest kitty was still “Tuffy” before her name was changed to Little Kitty(we kept calling her “The Little Kitty” and it just stuck). You can see my mom in her smart skirt,her favorite color yellow blouse, big sunglasses and overloaded purse, Dad in his business suit, our three cats and dog, my brother Scott in his Aussie hat and with his dirt bike, my grandmother in her polyester suit and Granddaddy with his square-topped hair(it wasn’t a buzz cut; it was so thick it just naturally lay like that). Granddaddy also seems to be holding a list of some sort, or maybe it’s a book; we used to read a lot together, mainly National Geographic.

I also seemed to be in great need of a new pen; this is some sad inking, here.

And am I taking something out of Mother’s purse?? How did I get away with that?