Christmastime Vintage Village Visit


So Aunt Liz here had a little Christmas money, and I took myself to Vintage Village to unwind after a particularly idiotic morning getting the morning chores done in holiday traffic and since I was off that day.

A few weeks earlier, when Uncle Steve and I attended the marvelous Candlelight Shopping event at Vintage Village and Curious Possessions, I completely fell in love with a teddy bear in a charming little display in a booth called “Fritzis”:


Big Dummy.


I’ve often alluded to my toys I snuggle with and this is another of them, Big Dummy. He is a giant size Doodle Dinosaur (link shows a regular size one). The big ones are a bit hard to come by, but I got all four of the small ones when they first came out–more on them later.
I feel bad sometimes about his name, but because he is so mooshy and floppity he has a tendency to fall off the side of the bed and I started mumbling, “you big dummy”, without thinking, and it stuck.. 😀





Halloween Countdown 2015: My Own Little Woof Woof! Almost.


While running errands today I checked out our local Target’s Halloween section and it looks to be nearly complete. I spied a bunch of little monsters on a bottom shelf that looked like the type that you squeeze and they scream or howl or say mean Halloweeny things. One of them was a wee werewolf!! When you squeeze him his eyes light up bright red and he yells things like “I’M COMING FOR YOU” and “YOU HAVE NOWHERE TUH HIDE”. But he packs an amazing punch for a guy so little, and he reminds one of my favorite TV props, Eddie Munster’s beloved toy Woof-Woof:


I may never have a toy Woof-Woof, but darnitall,I now have my Wee Wolfie!

Fiery Friday: Aunt Liz Dragon

Aunt Liz Dragon,© 2000 Liz Vitale

Aunt Liz Dragon,© 2000 Liz Vitale

I have tried and tried and I cannot remember what this dragon’s name was. But I discovered it in a cache of old drawings and I know it is supposed to be a caricature of myself.

I seem to be flustered with Ollie. Ollie was one of my favorite toys as a kid, and I tended to plop him into drawings and cartoons throughout my adult life. I still have him, and he is named for Ollie of Kukla, Fran & Ollie, whom he resembles closely.



Happy Star Wars Day!


May the Fourth be With You.

Actually, I have been a part of the 501st for a few years, I’m working on joining the Rebel Legion and I have many friends from both. I’m not quite as passionate about costuming as my friends are, so I am pretty low key about it. I also have a ton of responsibilities now that often interfere with participating in events these days. But Uncle Steve is very active in both the organizations and attends many charity and educational and just plain fun events.

SW4thI’m the Tie Pilot over to the left, but  have since sold this costume to my good friend Karyn (first person on left in photo). I think Uncle Steve is one of the Biker Scouts on the floor.

Fiery Friday: Imperial Double-Header Dragon #1


Today I’m sharing another treasured childhood toy. I’m also pairing with my pal Shawn since this dragon features in his Awesome 1980’s TV and Movie Bedrooms. Imperial made these great two-headed dragons in the early 80’s and they were in every toy store, next to every drugstore cash register, and even at the supermarket. I got mine at McCrory’s 5 & 10 at Northlake Mall,long before that mall got gutted and remodeled.
They came in several colors; I distinctly remember buying the purple version first, then I got this pair. These are named Grendel (left) and Gregor(right). I know because I wrote it on the underside.:)


Monster Monday: More Old Imperial Toys!

Although I played with these guys with my dinosaurs, I remember calling them “monsters”. Which isn’t quite right, since I knew almost all the species of lizard or prehistoric reptiles they represented. Still, I was an imaginative kid,so this was how it went.

See, the dinosaurs from this post needed more conflict in their lives, for some reason. Although I played with them as if they were my dolls, there was some serious war and peace stuff going on in their world. These were the neighbors of my main dinosaur family, and they lived in the next land? country? over. These guys ruled, literally.


Lord Grayskull and Lady Redskull, husband and wife, rulers of their land(I forgot what it was called…) Obviously I was into He-Man and that terrific Castle Grayskull playset at the time, which I coveted when I saw it in stores. I was hoping to populate it with these terrors.