Halloween Sketchbook: Witch’s Night Out!

witch's night  6_28 _ 2015

Witch’s Night Out was one of those specials that came out in the 70’s that I remember fondly but didn’t get to see too much. Watching it now, I can see how it would hardly hold today’s attention spans but a minute; but it’s still fun to go back and have a look. Here is a link┬áto view it if you’re curious.

Dream Diary: Partridge Family/Jurassic Park Mashup

JP PF 6_9_2015

I’ve had the theme song to The Partridge Family stuck in my head for days, and a few nights ago I had a brief flicker of a dream in which the partridges in the opening sequence were velociraptors from Jurassic Park(we had just watched it on TV the night before).