Uncle Steve

Jellybean and a Shrunken Head.

Jellybean and shrunken head.jpg
I try hard to keep a journal; I feel it is very important, and apparently others do too.
Last night before I scribbled down the day’s events(and drew the above picture), I was reading up on several of my favorite subjects on the internet, and one of those happened to be shrunken heads–specifically, the process of making them. So I was happily reading away, with Jellybean sitting next to me on the sofa, when Steve walked by. I said up to Steve, as if Jellybean were speaking (using teeny kitty voice) “Daddy! Mommy’s reading about icky things!”
To which Steve replied, “What else is new, Jellybean?” 😀


Here. Have a Yeti.

I like them. (it?)Yeti Ice Day.jpg

Sigh. Here in Georgia, we do not get much snow. The smallest amount of snow in my area, which I will simply call the Metro Atlanta Area, tends to paralyze the city because 1) generally, natives do not know how to drive in it, and 2) until recently, we had no infrastructure to deal with it. Also, we tend to get more ice than snow.


Snackerdoodle: Happy Father’s Day!

SD 6_21 2015

I know that Steve would have made a terrific dad, but after a few years of marriage we decided our lives were quite complete. Our animal rescue efforts bring us many furry children. 🙂

Little Blue Steve Guy

And for all of you who have asked, here is the inspiration for “Little Blue Steve Guy”: Uncle Steve in his lawn-mowing paraphernalia. He has a blue moisture-wicking shirt and a little white beanie that does the same.

He himself added: “Yep, that’s the right shape, too”. ❤